Spyderwood Coffin

If you’re looking to build a coffin but don’t want an overly heavy prop then you might want to checkout Spyderwood’s styrofoam coffin tutorial. ┬áThe frame of this coffin is made out of 1 x 2 lumber, which, even when covered with styrofoam won’t be as heavy as your typical toe pincher.


spyderwood-coffin-b1 spyderwood-coffin-b2 spyderwood-coffin-b3


You’re probably not going to want to get inside this coffin, but if you’re just planning on putting a skeleton or other prop inside, you might want to give this lightweight coffin a try.


Items needed to complete this include:

  • 2 sheets of pink insulation foam
  • 8 – 1 x 2″ lumber
  • staples
  • hotglue
  • paint
  • decorations
  • hinges
  • finishing nails