Motion Detector Hack

If you’ve ever wanted a motion sensor to trigger your Halloween props but didn’t feel like laying out the cash for an overpriced store bought unit then pay close attention.  The reality is, they’re not that difficult to make if you’ve got a moderate amount of electrical skills and you’ll end up with a unit that is tailor made for your use.  You’ll also end up saving yourself a lot of money because once you realize how easy it is, you’ll want to make more!  I’m sure the folks at Eerie Acres Cemetery wouldn’t mind you sending some of that extra cash their way because they’ve posted a really descriptive tutorial on how to create a motion sensor that will more than get you up and running creating your own.



Items needed to complete this include:

  • Replacement motion sensor
  • GFCI outlet
  • 4 hole single gang outdoor outlet box (metal)
  • Outdoor electrical outlet cover (metal)
  • Clamps for gang box
  • PC power cable
  • Threaded ground stake
  • Silicone caulk