Homemade Vortex Fog Chiller

Serialc0d3 over at HalloweenForum.com has a great tutorial on how to build your own Vortex Fog Chiller for very little cash.  Now, there are many containers you can use when building your own vortex fog chiller, but reusing a Tidy Cat Litter pail is the ultimate “green” project.  Additionally, the finished product looks remarkably familiar.


Tidy Cat



To complete this prop you’ll need the following:


  • Tidy Cat Litter Pail
  • Few ft of 2 in. PVC
  • 2 in. PVC Elbow
  • Few ft of 1/2 in. PVC pipe
  • Some sort of metal mesh or chicken wire to hold ice
  • Epoxy of your choice (I used Oatey Epoxy Putty)
  • Krylon Fusion Paint (optional)
  • Nozzle for Drain Hose (optional)
  • Drain Hose (optional)
  • Tools for cutting the materials

And of course, you’ll need a fog machine.