Heat Exchanger Fog Chiller

This may just be the ultimate homemade fog chiller, but it’s going to take some skill and effort to find out just how ultimate it is!  It uses the same basic concept as Froggy’s Vortex Fog Chiller, but does so much more efficiently.  Put simply, this chiller will continuously pump ice cold water through the copper piping ensuring that they remain ice cold at all times.




As the fog is sent through the stove pipe which houses the copper piping the fog is chilled and hugs the ground.  It’s the same process that occurs in a car radiator, whereby the airflow over the surface of the radiator cools the hot radiator fluid.  The real benefit of this design is that you can shoot hot fog through this all day long and it won’t run out of “coolant”.




The tutorial originates from Chuck Rice, however, I find the images on the Kickthefog version to be most helpful.  Whichever tutorial you choose, good luck, this one is definitely going to test your skills.