Full Size Jack Skellington Build

If you’re a fan of Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas, and quite frankly, who isn’t, then you’re going to love the tutorial that KAM3152 penned for her blog DIY Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween Props.  The prop seems pretty simple to build, although I’m not sure I could successfully clothe a full size Jack Skellington quite as well as KAM3152 did.




Jack’s body is built using 1/2″ PVC frame while his head is crafted out of a foam floral ball.  The arms are a pair of prop skeleton arms from a party supply store, but if you don’t feel like purchasing hands for this build you can create your own Clay Skeletal Hands.  This prop ultimately comes down to the clothing, and if you can give Jack a proper looking suit, you’re going to have a great looking prop on your hands.



Items needed to complete this include but are not limited to:

  • 18′ – 1/2″ PVC (approximately)
  • 1 PVC T joint
  • 1 PVC Cross Joint
  • 2 – 45 degree or 90 degree PVC joints for shoulders/elbows
  • Skeletal Hands
  • Round floral ball
  • Material for clothing