Scaremation Halloween Displays

If you’re a fan of projected Halloween displays there’s a good chance that Scaremation has an animation in their catalog that will appeal to you.  These inexpensive animations can easily be rear projected onto a plain white bedsheet and incorporated into your haunt, or used just as a cool effect for the trick or treaters.  Setup is a snap and the digital files are loopable for hassle free operation.

Scare-1: Rough Night, 4 minutes (Loopable) – Price:$45

Scare-2: Mansion Parlour 1, 4 minutes (Loopable) – Price:$20 (anniversary pricing)

Scare-3: Window Slammer, 1/2 minute – Price:$10

Scare-4: Skeleton Zombies!, 3 minutes (Loopable) – Price:$35

Scare-5: Spider Lab, 3 minutes (Loopable) – Price:$45

Scare-6: Underworld, 4 minutes (Loopable) – Price:$45

Scare-7: Spectre, 55 seconds (Loopable) – Price:$20

Scare-8: Zombie Slammer, 1 minute (Loopable) – Price:$25


Scare-9: Mansion Parlour 2, 8 1/2 minutes (Loopable) – Price:$45

Scare-10: Gorewall, 3 minutes (Loopable) – Price:$25