LED Lunacy

I’ve got a confession to make.  I’m clueless when it comes to basic electrical circuitry.  In fact, pretty much all of the concepts of electricity other than don’t stick your fingers in the outlets seem to be over my head (ok, well, don’t stick your fingers in the outlets while your standing in water, yeah, I got that one too).  So when it came to buying the components to make my own Homemade LED Spotlights my inexperience with a few basic LED concepts was a definite confidence killer.  The worst part is that up until this point every written tutorial I’ve seen on this has been a complete snoozer.


Thankfully, CreepyCreations have posted a really simple to follow tutorial that outlines all of the essentials you’ll need to purchase the correct resistors to power your LED’s without fear of them blowing up on you.  The tutorial is really well made and it’s really simple to follow.