Hi-Rez Designs Visual FX

Hi-Rez Designs offer some really high end visual effects for your haunting pleasure.  Their collections range in complexity from simple projections like the sky effects, bugs, and ghosts DVD’s



to more intricate video window effects that can trigger pneumatic valves, lighting, smoke / fog machines, and more with their Hi-Rez Relay Decoder.



They’ve even got a Paranormal Portraits series which offers the Dueling Portraits DVD, paying homage to Disney’s Haunted Mansion.



All of their effects are great looking and would add an incredibly immersive element to any haunt.  The DVD’s range in price from $39.95 to $89.95 individually, and they do offer package sets of some of their collections.

All Hi-Rez Designs Visual FX DVD products are restricted to non-profit home haunt & personal use only, and are protected by all federal copyright laws.  Commercial use licenses are available for use of Hi-Rez Designs Visual FX DVD’s as part of a pro / paid haunted attraction.