Charred Corpse

Ok, so maybe you’ve tried corpsing a bucky skeleton, but now you want to try something different, perhaps something a little grimmer.  Well here’s a tutorial that may give you what you’re looking for…   That is, if you’re looking for a Charred Corpse tutorial.  That’s right, if you want the end result without the flames, check out Don P’s tutorial over at I Make Projects.  It may not look like much when you start, but as it progresses it really starts to take a gruesome turn.





Items needed to create this include:

  • A skeleton
  • A can of expanding foam insulation (“Great Stuff” is one of the many brand names.)
  • A tin of liquid latex (I couldn’t find the good paint-on stuff all the prop houses seem to use, so I just used Contact Cement.)
  • Flat black spray paint
  • Glossy bright red spray paint
  • Small amount of acrylic black paint (it’s water based and will clean up with water and soap as long as it’s wet.)
  •  Small amount of acrylic brown paint
  • Small amount of clear gloss finish
  • Some old paintbrushes, rubber gloves, and a well-ventiliated area





By the time you’re finished, this thing is just as good, if not better looking than a “standard” corpsed Bucky, and you certainly don’t see these nearly as often!