Boneyard BBQ

Well if you’ve gone to the trouble of following the charred corpse tutorial, you may as well go the extra mile and check out the Haunt 101 tutorial to create a Boneyard BBQ for it.  This barbaric looking prop is the perfect exclamation point for a prop that’s pretty in your face as it is.  Put a cauldron creep next to it and you’re well on your way to an incredibly creepy scene.  This one is getting filed as a static prop, but it wouldn’t take much to put a motor on this baby and take it up a notch, now would it?




Items needed to create this include:

Rubber skeleton
Metal shower curtain rod
(6) lengths of pressure treated 1”X1” deck spindles
2 1/2” U-brackets
(1) 10” length 9/16” all-thread rod, nuts and washers