Mini LED Spotlights

The most important part of any Halloween display (and quite frequently the most often overlooked) is the proper lighting of it.    If you’re looking for just the right way to highlight your prop or display you’re going to want to give a look.  Their Mini Barrel LED Spotlights give just the right amount of light without being a distraction.  They measure in at just about two inches and contain a 5mm ultra bright LED.  They come with 5′ of 24 gauge wire with bare wire leads (power blocks and power supplies are sold separately).  They come in a variety of colors including Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, Aqua, Warm White, Cool White, Natural White, Deep Red, Orange, and of course, Ultra Violet.  They are priced at $12.50 each, but if you purchase 10 or more they drop to $12.00 and if your order totals 25 or more they are further discounted to $11.50 each.


Mini Barrel