Halloween Graves

You’ve built your fence, carved your tombstones, and even built a grave grabber to put in your cemetery.  Job well done, but if you want to add a touch of that “freshly buried” look to your cemetery you do have a couple of options.  You could dig down about 2 inches into your yard removing the top layer of nicely manicured green grass and mix up your dirt until it’s nicely mounded, or you could follow the tutorial provided by Adrian McCarthy on creating Halloween Graves.

His method utilizes a beach towel, some chicken wire, and some potting soil.  No need for a shovel or grass seed when you’re done!



Items needed to complete this include:

  • an old beach towel
  • brown fabric dye
  • spray glue
  • potting soil or mulch
  • chicken wire or newspapers
  • several 3-inch nails (optional)
  • tombstone (optional)
  • skeletal hands and feet (optional)