Wisconsin Fear Grounds 2013

The Wisconsin Fear Grounds is trying to bring your nightmares to life in 2013!  Back for their 10th year of fear this awesome haunt features 3 unique haunted attractions.


wisconsin-fear-grounds-2013-b1 wisconsin-fear-grounds-2013-b2 wisconsin-fear-grounds-2013-b3
  • Morgan Manor – Expect the unexpected as Morgana and her 8 sisters feed on your fear in this den of Horror.
  • CarnEvil offers a freak show of terror – Morgana and her wicked sisters have once again bewitched another new crop of minions to do their “EVIL” bidding.
  • Unstable – Join Bezel and his Hillbilly Horde as they torment you throughout their labyrinth of horror where human and animals have joined the walking dead.

Located in Waukesha Wisconsin this haunt has been selected by Haunted Attraction magazine, America’s Best Haunts and Haunted House ratings.com as one of the best haunted houses in the country.