The Niles Haunted House Scream Park 2013

The Niles Haunted House Scream Park is much more than a haunted house, it’s forty-four acres of fear located in Niles, Michigan.  This Haunt is celebrating its 40th year and offers three unique haunted houses, a haunted hayride, and the Field of Screams.

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This years main attractions include:

  • Niles Haunted House:  The centerpiece of the Niles Haunted House Scream Park – All new for 2013!
  • Voodoo Bayou:  Ruled by voodoo and Cajun magic, the bayou doesn’t give up its secrets easily.
  • Biological Terror:  A virus no one was supposed to know about has run rampant in the disease control center. The workers have all been turned into zombies, and it looks like you’re next…
  • Dark Terrortory Haunted Hayride:  A one mile plus narrated hayride that will take you to places you never dreamed would exist.
  • Field of Screams with the Maniac Maze:  Get lost easy?  This definitely is not the place for you!


Additional attractions at the Niles Haunted House Scream Park include Dr. Nefario’s Psychic Side Show, the Midway of the Macabre, the Gore Store, and Barbara the Gray Witch who offers psychic readings.

The really great thing about this haunt wonderland is that it’s staff consists of volunteers from more than 65 area non-profit groups who will receive donations from the proceeds based on the number of hours they volunteer.  In 2012, $58,000 was raised for local charities in the Michigan / Indiana area, and over the past 17 years a total of over $1,250,000 has been donated.  Talk about scares that care!