The Haunted Basement 2013

In what could be described as a mixture of performance art and insanity, the Soap Factory is providing thrills and chills for their seventh consecutive season as The Soap Factory Presents:  The Haunted Basement.  Back for his second season, Noah Bremer is directing this group of artistic miscreants as they provide “an immersive terror adventure”.  The haunt promises to immerse your senses unlike anything you’ve ever experienced in the past, featuring “twisted Soundscapes, unexpected tactile experiences”, and thanks to  the smell engineers of the St. Croix Sensory, “nauseating odors”.  The Haunted Basement seems less like your typical haunted house and more like a prolonged lucid dream, or quite possibly psychotic episode, depending on your perspective.



And if you think you’ve got what it takes to brave the Haunted Basement alone then keep your eyes on the Soap Factory’s Facebook and Twitter accounts for updates because special “test subject” Haunted Basement tickets are going to be released sometime in September for those willing to step up to the challenge.



There are a strict set of rules that go with entry into the Haunted Basement, as well as the requirement that all patrons sign a waiver before entering.


Haunted Basement 2013 Rules:

  1. NO admittance if you are under 18. IDs will be checked at the door.
  2. NO Alcohol. NO admittance to intoxicated individuals. The Soap Factory reserves the right to refuse admission, as well as the right to insist a patron leave the premises.
  3. NO touching any of the exhibits, props or performers. The Soap Factory determines patron compliance and reserves the right to eject any patrons at our discretion.
  4. For your own safety and comfort, you MUST have appropriate clothing to navigate through challenging and messy environments: no high heels or flip-flops. Inappropriate shoes will be checked at the door.
  5. All bags, coats, phones and other loose items will be checked at the door. All patrons are required to wear specific, provided clothing and protective goggles. A list of recommended attire is available at
  6. Groups of 4 will be admitted into The Haunted Basement every 3 minutes. Each patron must have a ticket.
  7. Patrons agree to the use of photography and video recording in The Haunted Basement and authorize the release of those photographs for publication.
  8. You will be required to sign a waiver before entering the basement. The waiver is available for review/download at
  9. No re-entry.