The Fear Experience Haunted House 2013

The Fear Experience of Parma, Ohio is back for their 2013 campaign, and is promising “…a terrifying night that will redefine Fear for those brave enough to step inside”.  Sound like an unrealistic goal?  Well, perhaps, but The Fear Experience is a full contact haunt, meaning you will be touched, grabbed, and or yanked by the zombies, clowns, and mental patients that are up to no good in the three haunted attractions that makeup The Fear Experience.  Whether or not that will redefine fear for you is subjective, but it sure is a good starting point!

This haunt is a dark haunt with intense environments and actors that go all out to provide the most startling and terror filled experience that they can for you.  If you do not like being touched, stay at home.



Something went terribly wrong at a local nuclear power plant.  Try to make your way through the homes, stores, orphanage, and butcher shop of this destroyed town while avoiding the zombie horde.


The attempt to quarantine the infected has failed, the doctors have all been murdered, and the patients are escaping.  Try to survive the Outbreak without being infected by one of the patients.


 Journey through a completely dark maze and see how fast you can make it out.


If you survive the Outbreak, try getting into a real coffin and experience being Buried Alive!