The Burial Chamber 2013

Right across the street from the Burial Chamber is the Little Lake Butte Des Mortes, which translates to “Hill of the Dead”.  Right underneath the Burial Chamber lies the rest of the dead, at least according to the lore of the warehouse that houses the Burial Chamber in Neenah, Wisconsin.  This huge haunted house complex features 3 unique haunted houses and 4 burial simulators.

the-burial-chamber-2013-b1 the-burial-chamber-2013-b2
the-burial-chamber-2013-b3 the-burial-chamber-2013-b4


  • Adrenaline Haunted House:  Adrenaline’s theme is Industrial / Military: under Zombie Attack!
  • Insanity Haunted House:  This is no ordinary haunted house, it’s a blend of fun house meets haunted house!
  • Phobia Haunted Woods:  New for 2013, Phobia Haunted Woods makes you to feel like you are part of a horror movie set in the woods.
  • The Last Ride:  Experience a simulated burial and get buried alive!