Clay Skeletal Hands

There’s a great tutorial on how to craft some skeletal hands out of Crayola Model Magic and coat hangers at a site called Mousecave.  I’m not a good sculptor so I would normally shy away from something like this, but it sure seems super simple, and what could be easier than skeleton arms, right?     Items needed to complete this include: Coat hangers – 3 to 5, depending on the length of the forearm Craft wire – any solid single strand wire will do Marker pen Lineman’s pliers – any pliers will do, so long as you can cut and bend the wire Two-part epoxy – because it’s strong and sets fast Acrylic craft paint – black and white Soft paint brush and small mixing dish Paper towels Scissors Modeling tools – nothing fancy, just something to etch some jagged lines Crayola Model Magic –...

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