Bats Are Easy

Every haunt needs some bats flying around, and if you’ve got some skills with a paint brush and some patience you can make as many as you want following Born2haunt’s method, because Bats Are Easy.  These bats do seem pretty easy to make when you consider that they’re made using a styrofoam body with wire poking through it for the wing bones. The wire is then wrapped in cotton and paper towels are applied as skin.  The entire bat is then generously coated with liquid latex and painted to suit.  The great part about this prop build is that you can customize it to your heart’s content.  Sure, it’s probably easier to go out and buy some bats, but they won’t look nearly as realistic as these will.   Items needed to complete this include: Styrofoam Wire Cotton balls Liquid latex Paper Towels Acrylic paint Hot...

Winged Reaper

I love it when you set out to build a prop a certain way and a better prop or process reveals itself to you along the way. That very scenario happened to SpyderWood when he saw a grossly overpriced Winged Reaper prop and decided to alter the course of an existing prop and build his own version. His Winged Reaper tutorial marries a Bucky skull to a Blucky torso and throws in a variety of Bucky bones for the wings. The build originally utilized the whole Blucky, but as the project progressed he realized that he’d only need the top half. With the robe covering the reaper, though, you may not even need much more than the Skull!     The tricky part with this prop is obviously the wings, but if you can get the Bucky bones screwed together so they can hold the weight of the cheesecloth, the results will be spectacular.   Items needed to create this include but are not limited to: 1 Blucky Skeleton 1 Bucky skull 10 to 12 assorted Bucky bones Cheesecloth Latex (for wings) 3′ – 2×4 wood 6′ – 2″...

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