Steel Haunt Panels

If you’ve ever browsed the HalloweenForum you’re no doubt familiar with Terra.  Suffice to say, she’s a prop making goddess.  Her video tutorial on making steel haunt panels showcases the kind of cool, realistic looking props you can make for your haunt if you’ve got a little bit of skill and a lot of desire.  This prop is not hard to create by any stretch of the imagination and won’t cost you a lot of money to create.



Items needed to create one panel include:

  • Little over one 3/4″ thick pink or blue foamboard panel
  • Three 8′ furring strips
  • Twelve 4″ x 1 1/2″ pieces of plywood
  • Four 2 1/2″ coarse drywall screws
  • Twenty-four 1 5/8″ coarse drywall screws
  • Foamboard glue
  • Super 77 glue
  • Twenty 3/8″ tile spacers
  • Quart of exterior gray Glidden Gripper paint (exterior)
  • Silver latex paint (had used Ralph Lauren)
  • Raw sienna acrylic paint
  • Rust colored monster mud
  • Light rust colored monster mud
  • Flat black acrylic paint
  • Clear gloss acrylic varnish
  • Paper towels

Optional Accessories include:

  • 4 mini louvers 3″ (air vents)
  • 1/2″ thick pink or blue foamboard panel
  • PVC drain strainer
  • Plastic rafter vent
  • 16″ x 8″ air vent
  • 16″ x 4″ air vent
  • Hooks and zip ties for mounting to house
  • Cement block(s)