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Kickstart a Home Haunt?

Interested in donating to help a fellow home haunter get their 2013 haunt off the ground?  The owners of The Dread Keep in Hillsboro, Oregon sure hope you do, in fact, they’ve launched an Indiegogo funding campaign just in case you do.  Their haunt is free for the local residents to attend and anyone that contributes at least $10 to their campaign will receive something as a thank you, ranging from a personalized thank you card, some hand painted Halloween decor stones, or some hand decorated votive candle holders depending on how much you’ve pledged.


Dread Keep1


I’m not sure if I’m fully on board with using an Indiegogo campaign to fund personal events, but that’s irrelevant, because this group has already received commitments in the amount of $135 as of this posting.  I will say that it is a rather entrepreneurial move on their part to try to get their funding this way, and again, their haunt is free to the public.  This is a flexible funding campaign, which means that if they do not reach their goal of $800, they will still receive any funds pledged to their campaign by Tuesday May 21st, 2013 at 11:59pm (PT).