$25 Full-Size Toe-Pincher Coffin

Every haunt needs a toe pincher coffin.  It’s a fact.  Ok, well, it’s not a hard and fast rule, but if you’re looking for a good tutorial on how to build your own full sized toe-pincher coffin, look no further.  Woody over at ScareFX has a great tutorial on how to build one and here’s the best part, his build should only cost around $25.00!  You’ll need a modicum of skill with a circular or table saw to get this done, but the rest is just piecing it together and gluing / screwing the pieces in place.



The thing I like best about this tutorial (besides the fact that it doesn’t involve any miter cuts) is that it looks just rough enough to be completely realistic looking.  There are 100’s of tutorials on how to build a toe pincher coffin, but this is the one for me.



Items needed to complete this include (ScareFX pricing included):

  • $15 for 15 Fence Pickets
  • $5 for drywall screws
  • $4 for wood glue