Frightmares at Buck Hill 2013

Burnsville, Minnesota has a secret within which lurks an ancient evil, and you’re invited to learn the secret “History of the Hill” this October at Frightmares at Buck Hill.  This haunted attraction offers four unique haunts, a full bar and restaurant with live music, and on Fridays and Saturdays magic by the “Halls of Magic!”




The Bellharm Lovejoy Asylum mysteriously burned to the ground in September of 2012.  Come and explore THE INFERNO, where the gates of hell have been unleashed and the tortured souls of the past yearn to share their pain and fear with all who enter.





For too long a nest of Vampires has kept down the property values of the neighborhood west of “The Hill.” Now the Neighborhood Association has decided to take the matter into its own hands and hired Stake and Mallet Exterminators LLP to deal with these supernatural pests once and for all.





The Deville Industrial Paint mfg. under new management, is hosting a Grand Reopening celebration during the month of October. But beware, though under new management the owners responsible for previous hazardous, bio-chemical accidents are still running the show.





Those buried in Haunted Hollow do not rest peacefully. For, this is the dark heart of this unwholesome hill. Even before the first man stepped foot on its soil something malevolent has resided here and the dead are now its playthings.