Chamber of Horrors 2013

Back for another season, the Chamber of Horrors haunt crew dares you to “Do something that scares you and enter the Chamber of Horrors“. This immersive haunted attraction will unnerve and captivate you as you come face to face with Porky the Butcher while trying to escape the men with chainsaws.

chamber-of-horrors-2013-b3 chamber-of-horrors-2013-b2 chamber-of-horrors-2013-b1


If you survive the horror that lies within the Chamber of Horrors you can relieve some of the anxiety by blasting some Zombies at the Chamber of Horrors Zombie Hunt. The only Haunted attraction in Wisconsin to provide the opportunity for all ages to enjoy paintball with out the return fire.



Located in Fall River, Wisconsin, the Chamber of Horrors haunt is a fundraiser for the Fall River Chamber of Commerce. The Fall River Chamber of Commerce is a voluntary organization of businesses whose goal is to advance the commercial, industrial and civic interests in Fall River. The proceeds from the event go back into the community.