Animated Ouija Board

Ok, I’ve seen a couple of animated Ouija boards on the net, but DaveintheGrave from the HalloweenForum has the most detailed tutorial on how to make this prop I’ve ever seen. ¬†It’s broken down into two parts, with Part 1¬†focusing on how to prep the box that will house the guts of the Ouija board prop, while Part 2 details the mechanics of the prop. ¬†DaveintheGrave utilizes a small vent motor for this prop, and breaks down the motor instructions into two additional tutorials for further clarity (Motor Part1, Motor Part2).


Animated Ouija


There is a link to the video of this prop in action at the beginning of Part 1 of the tutorial, and as you will see, this prop is worth the time spent making it, it looks amazing.