Alien Capsule

Now that the C.I.A. has actually acknowledged the existence of Area 51 it’s almost like they’re giving their seal of approval to the Muddy River Haunt’s tutorial for an Alien Capsule.  Almost.  And even if they’re not, we’re more than happy to give this prop a thumbs up because it’s exactly what we suspect we would find in the bowels of Area 51.  It’s a really simple prop to build and will add a really cool element to any alien scene.

alien-capsule-b1 alien-capsule-b2 alien-capsule-b3

It’s basically a wood box that’s wrapped with plexiglass and aluminum flashing with an alien inside.  Even though they’re listed as optional, I would highly recommend using the fog machine and strobe light with this prop.


Items needed to complete this include:

Aluminum Flashing:

  • 1 sheet 3 ½’ X 7′
  • 2 sheets 3′ X 16”
  • 1 sheet 1′ X 7′

2X4 wood: 

  • (4) 2”X 4”X 7′
  • (4) 2”X 4”X 3′
  • (2) 1”X 3”X 2′


  • 1 sheet Plexiglass 5′ X 3’X 0.016” (Thin enough to bend without cracking or without too much pressure)
  • Some pieces of thin lattice board
  • Alien for inside the capsule


  • Fog machine
  • Pipe
  • Strobe light