Abandoned Haunted House Complex 2013

The Abandoned Haunted House Complex will be bristling with activity this October as the doors to this “abandoned” haunt will be open for another year of fear!  This haunted attraction located in Mount Pleasant, Wisconsin offers two individual haunts that are designed to overwhelm your senses.  The haunts are setup in a continual walk-through format, meaning you’ll go from one haunted house directly into the second within the same building.



Ambush Haunted House is designed to be an intense startle-scare haunted house, with loud noises, actors popping out of unexpected places, bright lighting effects and engulfing scene effects.


Hysteria Haunted House is a haunted house designed to focus interactions on your senses and mind. Visual and audible scares are interspersed in this environment, as well as confusion, misdirection, and illusions. Things are not what they seem… Lighting effects, sounds, and actor interactions will keep you on your toes in this walking adventure.