AtmosFEARfx deliver some of the best Halloween themed video effects I’ve ever seen.  It’s easy to incorporate them into your haunt, halloween party, or just projected onto the garage to scare the neighborhood kids.  With 9 dvds as well as 3 iOS apps there’s plenty of eerie effects to choose from:   DVD: Ghostly Apparitions ($39.99) Jack o Lantern Jamboree ($39.99) Tricks and Treats ($39.99) Zombie Invasion! ($39.99) Unliving Portraits ($39.99) Creepy Crawlies 2 ($39.99) Blood Walls ($39.99) Shades of Evil ($39.99) Triple Thrill Pack ($39.99) Just connect a dvd player to a projector, television or monitor and let the fun begin.   The iOS effects are available via digital download on the itunes store.  You’ll need an iOS enabled device (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, etc) as well as a projector or monitor. iOS: Creepy Spiders ($4.99) Flames From Hell ($4.99) Unliving Portraits ($4.99)  ...

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