Pumpkin Demon

What do you get when you take a plastic skull and shove it into a funkin foam pumpkin?  Epic awesomeness is what you get my friends!  Think that’s overselling it just a bit?  Well, maybe it is, but after looking at the wicked Pumpkin Demon prop The-Hog-Flu built by doing just that I am content with that designation. The prop started by cutting a hole in the funkin and shoving the skull inside.  Some sculpting material was then added to fill the gap between the skull and the pumpkin and to also give the face a little bit more detail.   Once the sculpting material was applied and sanded down a base coat of a darker blend of orangish-brown paint was applied. The eyes were crafted out of ping pong balls and it appears that the teeth were cut from an opaque plastic bottle (the tongue is a mystery).  Note to self: hot glue makes for a nice coating of drool. The lower body was constructed with a hybrid 1 x 2 wood base and a PVC spine that was wrapped with some tree branches where visible, as well as chicken wire near the lower legs.  The upper chest consists of a piece of plywood. The-Hog-Flu added some spray foam over the plywood and then inserted another branch for the neck of the pumpkin demon where the head will be attached.  The lower portion was also spray foamed and a variety of skulls and lesser pumpkins were peppered throughout. Once completed the upper torso was given a coat of purple spray paint while the lower body was a mixture of blood red and green.  The-Hog-Flu fabricated a rib cage and some incredibly detailed arms out of branches. The word epic is too easily tossed around, but if a picture is worth a thousand...

The Making of Grim

In 2008 the Grim Hollow Haunt created an incredible looking prop simply named Grim.  This sinister looking creation stands approximately 5 feet tall and represents everything I fear is walking through the woods at night.  I cannot imagine a better prop to welcome guests to a haunt than Grim, and thankfully, Grim, host of the Grim Hollow Haunt has left a short tutorial on the steps needed to create this amazing monstrosity. This creation rests on a 1 x 2″ wood skeleton that is covered in chicken wire and paper mache.  The hands and feet are simply wire coat hangers with duct tape wrapped around them.  Grim did some additional distressing of the creature via rope vines and cheesecloth, while a foam Funkin head was carved and given an ominous paint job.   Items needed to complete this include: 1 x 2″ lumber 1 x 3″ lumber Chicken wire Wire coat hangers Paper mache Duct tape Rope (as needed) Flat black paint Cheesecloth Foam Funkin...

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