Pico Volt Prop Controller

As soon as I had finished my first motorized prop using a wiper motor I immediately started wondering how I could slow down the speed of my motor.  Sure, the motor had a low speed and a high speed setting, and I could control the direction of rotation depending on how it was wired up, but I wanted to go beyond those settings.  What if I wanted to bring my motor to an almost standstill speed?  And what if I wanted to reverse the rotation mid sequence without having to change the wiring?


Without a Pico Volt prop controller from FrightProps that is….  This thing is great, it allows you to change speed and rotation all from a simple speed dial, and record up to 60 seconds of a sequence, which will loop indefinitely.  If you switch the rotation of the speed dial it will start to go in reverse, if you slow it down and hold steady, so will the routine.  Perfection in a small form factor.

Oh, and if you’re like me, you’ve already started wondering if you can control lights with this tiny piece of magic, and the answer, of course, is yes.  You can use it to dim your LED lights, or program and repeat any lighting effect you want.

If you need full control of your wiper motors, then by all means, pick this tiny device up, you will not be disappointed.