CarnEvil Chicago 2013...

Chicago’s newest haunted attraction, CarnEvil promises to put your sanity to the test this year.  This haunted attraction is located on the grounds of the 10,000 seat Sears Centre Arena in Hoffman Estates, Illinois and offers visitors five terrifying haunted houses and mazes.  You’ll enter a gruesome world of disfigured clowns, nightmare-inducing circus freaks, blood-thirsty carnies and butchered corpses.       Peek behind the curtain of this traveling carnival of death and decay, and you’ll see how the other half live. Keep quiet as you emerge from the sewers and make your way into the carny’s twisted world; sneaking into their rotting trailer and discovering the horrors that lie within. They won’t be gone for long, but you can’t leave until you discover the “secret” ingredient used in their processing plant, cleverly hidden behind their ramshackle home.   The good news, it’s MADE IN AMERICA, but the bad news you’ll have to learn for yourself. Wander into this bustling factory, and watch as workers transform various parts into eerily lifelike dolls, almost too lifelike. But the smell of death is everywhere and after a quick trip down the rickety freight elevator, you discover the real factory floor. Slick with blood, this factory is full of satanic workmen, butchering and embalming the innocent as part of a hellish assembly line.   Beyond the lights and sounds of the carnival, lay the remnants of a long abandoned circus tent, where a detestable world of disfigured clowns waits for unwitting victims.  Prepare for a long night as this chaotic maze is nearly impossible to escape; overflowing with nightmarish creatures at every turn.   Explore the cemetery grounds; final resting place for CARNEVIL’s most recent victims and home to the Tomb of the Voodoo High Priestess. Enter...


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