Grave Grabber Tutorial

If you’ve ever wanted to build your very own grave grabber but didn’t think you had the skill to get it done right, take a look at this tutorial posted by Kevin Kennedy on the Haunt101 website.  This prop is simple to create and looks awesome in any graveyard environment.  Unfortunately, some of the links in the tutorial are dead, but they’re relatively insignificant to the tutorial and the mechanism should be enough to inspire your creativity.





Items needed to build this include:

  • 9’ of 1” x 1/8” aluminium flat stock
  • 36” wooden dowl
  • 8 – 8/32” x 5/8” machine screws
  • 24 #8 SAE washers (you could use nylon washers)
  • 8 – 8/32” nuts with nylon threads
  • a low speed high torque motor
  • 1 spooky head
  • 1 pair of spooky hands along w/ coat hanger and spray foam
  • Some of the assorted lumber every haunter has lying in the back of their garage