The Realm of Terror Horror Experience 2013

“Prepare to be Scared, Deprived of your senses, offended, and transported to a world where Death is the only way of life.”

Sound intense enough?  It should, because The Realm of Terror Horror Experience located in Round Lake Beach, Illinois is Illinois’ highest ever rated haunted house.  After celebrating their 10th year of fear in 2012 they were ranked as the #1 Haunted House in Illinois and the #1 Haunted House in Chicago by and

This Haunted attraction isn’t billed as a mere haunted house, but rather a Horror experience.  It’s a graphic and gore filled journey that leaves even the most hardy of visitors needing a good stiff drink afterwards to take the edge off.  The cast over at The Realm of Terror Horror Experience challenge you to “face your greatest fears (and discover new ones)”, and from start to finish you’ll be immersed into a graphic environment best suited for the strong of stomach.  This haunt is for mature audiences only, and they pride themselves on pushing the envelope, and they hold nothing back from their patrons.