Wighead Ghouls

Frustrated at the cost of masks and feel like making something that will really stand out?  Noah Fentz of The Creepy House Next Door has a technique that he picked up via a local make & take that will help you create latex heads out of styrofoam wigheads.

Using a standard issue styrofoam wighead (painted red here solely for the purpose of letting us see where the cuts were made) he started by cutting out a 90 degree wedge from below the nose to below the chin to form the jawline.  He then cut an angle off the wedge that was cut out to form the mouth opening.

Using a soldering iron he carefully notched out a section to place a set of teeth.  Once completed, the jaw was hot glued in place with the help of a few nails to keep it set and some paint was applied.

Eye holes were then cut in using the soldering iron so that the eyeballs fit snuggly in the opening.  He carefully carved in sunken eye sockets, nostrils and cheekbones to give his creation further detail, but that was really just the beginning because here’s where the devil is truly in the detailing…

He started unraveling cotton balls, dipping them in latex and applying them to the wighead wherever he needed more pronounced features, the nose, eyebrows, and lips.  This is where your styrofoam wighead will really start to take on a life of its own because you can give each of your creations their own personality just by adding more cotton to whichever area you see fit.

He then tore small squares of paper towel, brushed some latex onto the wighead and applied the paper towel to add some skin to his creation.  He even used tin foil to fabricate a set of ears that, once pinned in place, were covered with cotton dipped in latex and then skinned with more paper towel and latex.  From there some flesh colored paint with a fair amount of latex were added to it gave his creation a more finished look.

Noah’s tutorial walks you through the creation of a truly creepy looking character, and he even walks you through how to add realistic looking hair to these creepy creations.

The finished product looks amazing, and the best part is that each and every one you create will have a personality and backstory of their own.  If you want to see just how truly good some of Noah’s wigheads turned out, check out some pics of The Creepy Family Next Door, a truly ghoulish photo album to say the least!


Items needed to complete this include:

  • Paper Towel (Viva)
  • Cotton Balls
  • Mold Rubber latex
  • Assorted size paint brushes
  • Hot Glue gun
  • Soldering Iron
  • Olfa Knife
  • Saw blade
  • Small nails

Optional items:

  • Tin Foil
  • Wig Hair
  • Prosthetic Wounds
  • LEDs