Waterproof Flexible Vines

If you’re in need of some vines for your haunt, just know that discozombie has got your back!  His technique for waterproof flexible vines is not only inexpensive but yields remarkably realistic vines with very little effort!

You’ll start by unwinding your rope and stretching it so that it’s as straight as possible.  Discozombie suggests clamping one end to a vice and pulling as hard as you can on the other end until the rope is straight.  Once straight you can leave one end of the rope in the clamp and put the other end in a drill and spin the rope to unwind it to make bulkier vines quickly.

Once you’ve got your vines ready you’re going to take your garden twine and cut several 2 to 3 foot sections and tie them at various points on your vines.  These will provide the many smaller arteries that spiderweb off of the main vine.

With the garden twine in place it’s time to get busy with some Great Stuff (and again, be careful, Great Stuff is fun to play with but it’s seriously hard to get off of anything).  Hang your vines so that none of it is touching the ground and make sure you’ve got something to cover the ground underneath.  Spray some Great Stuff onto the top of the rope and, using a gloved hand, work the Great Stuff down the rope as you keep adding more Great Stuff.  You’ll want to coat the rope evenly the first time because more than one coat may affect the flexibility of your vines.  Once you’ve got the rope fully coated with Great Stuff let it dry for at least 30 to 45 minutes and you’ll be ready to start painting.

When it comes to painting these vines there’s the added advantage of being able to use spray paint since Great Stuff doesn’t react to acetone like styrofoam does.  If you don’t want to use spray paint, you can always follow discozombie’s lead and dip your entire vine in a bucket of black paint.  Once dried, he dry brushed some white on and then added some darker colors.  Discozombie’s vine’s look great, and are a really inexpensive and easy prop to make.  You might make a bit of a mess in the process, but the results are worth it.



Items needed to complete this include:

  • 1/2″ rope – as much as you want to make
  • Garden twine
  • Great Stuff
  • Floor covering (Great Stuff is forever)
  • Tape (to tape the floor covering to the floor)