The Panic Chambers Hotel 2013

The warning given by the operators of the Panic Chambers Hotel cannot be any more clear, but it bears repeating: “Entering a hotel with psychopaths, axe murderers, mouth watering cannibals, and human possessing spirits is not everybody’s cup of tea so….enter at your own risk”

This haunted attraction located in Gresham, Wisconsin promises a heart pounding performance that will leave you grasping for air.  Winners of a visitors choice award for their region in 2012 from, we’re expecting another stellar production from this group.  As you make your way through each Chamber at this hotel you’ll witness spine chilling evil and come face to face with pure malevolence.


the-panic-chambers-hotel-2013-b1 the-panic-chambers-hotel-2013-b2 the-panic-chambers-hotel-2013-b3


This haunt is a graphic and intense journey through your wildest nightmares, and as such, contains scenes featuring horror, violence, and gore.  In addition to the haunt you’re welcome to enjoy a full menu concession stand  and then kick back and enjoy some live music or the bonfire.  Just remember, at the Panic Chambers Hotel you can check-in…but you will never check-out!