The Haunting Experience on HWY 61 – 2013...

The Haunting Experience on Highway 61 offers it’s visitors an opportunity to experience the terror that lurks in the small suburb of Cottage Grove, Minnesota.  For centuries the settlers to this area understood that this land was evil and it was widely accepted that it was in fact cursed.  The tales that have been passed down through the years have only served to reinforce to those who know its dark history that this dead hollow should be avoided at all costs.   This haunt offers visitors three unique attractions for 2013:   Manor House – The demented family that calls Manor House their home have spread their insanity upon this area for centuries Scummo’s 3D Nightmare – Scummo & Sterno have taken up residence in this 3D nightmare of circus freaks The Hayride – Enjoy a ride through the cursed forests and haunted fields of this dead hollow  ...


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