The Build of a GIANT PumpkinHead!...

Some props are big and some props are larger than life.  Rania Peet’s Build of a Giant Pumpkin tutorial falls into the “larger than life” category.  I’m not even sure I would want to attempt to duplicate this, I’m pretty content to just revel in its awesomeness.  This Giant Pumpkinhead Scarecrow that she built for her Haunted Garden measures in at an impressive 18-feet tall and breathes fog.  That’s not just a little too cool, now, is it?     If you’ve got some prop building skills you should be good to go with this tutorial as it’s a pretty straightforward build.  The Pumpkin is constructed using Great Stuff sprayed over a chicken wire frame.  The threaded rods are wrapped in chicken wire to help give the pumpkin its shape before the Great Stuff is sprayed on.     The hat was updated on July 26th, 2013 and is now made of chicken wire with tension wire wrapped around it and tension rods to support it.  The frame is then wrapped with landscape fabric with burlap applied to give it a more seasoned look.       The chilled fog is pumped in through the back of the Pumpkin’s head and should be considered mandatory if you are going to attempt this prop because it looks incredible.   Items needed to complete this include: PumpkinHead 2×2 wood Flat pieces of wood for bases 1/4″ threaded rods Wing nuts for rods 1″ Galvanized Chicken wire Stainless Steel Screw Eye Tie Line/Rope Cheesecloth A ton of Great Stuff Spray Foam Protective Eyewear/goggles Protective Mask White Spandex Burlap Hat 1″ and 2″ rolls of Galvanized Chicken Wire Galvanized Steel Chain Link Fence tension wire Galvanized Steel Chain Link Fence Tension Bars Zip Ties Craft wire Black Craft Fabric/Landscape Fabric...


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