Scream Town 2013

Located just forty minutes from the Twin Cities in Chaska, Minnesota is a secluded cornfield that plays host once a year to the horror that is Scream Town.  What started as a small trail through creator Matt Dunn’s backyard has evolved over the years into one of the largest haunted attractions in Minnesota.  This massive haunt offers five unique attractions including two all new for 2013!       Meltdown at Sector 666 – This nuclear plant is one of the most unstable and frightening buildings you will ever tour.  All new for 2013! Farmer’s Revenge – A local Chaska farmer has taken his revenge on Scream Town, leaving nothing living in his path.  All new for 2013! Redneck Resort – Bubba and his cousins have converted the old Motel into the Red Neck Resort, but don’t plan on any Relaxin’ at this resort. Oak Blood Forest – You will feel the seclusion within 10 steps of entering this 200 year old forest. Circus Asylum – Scream Town has constructed a 7,000 square foot Asylum to house the out of control circus freaks that call Scream Town their home. Plus, two special solo VIP only attractions: Abandoned – There will be no other guests bumping into you as you enter the back woods alone.  This is the ultimate in terror as the terrors that lurk in these woods are permitted to reach out and TOUCH you (all participants must sign a waiver for this attraction). The Experiment – To be announced.  ...

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