Scream Acres Ct 2013

Scream Acres Ct is back for its 10th year of fear, and this haunt just keeps getting better and better.  This haunted attraction in Covington, Kentucky started as a home haunt and has grown into an awesome haunted attraction offering four incredible themes.     Do you have what it takes to climb into a real wood coffin and be buried alive?  Come test your fears in this chilling attraction! In 1940 Dr. Boron opened up Castle Hill Funeral Home in Latonia, Kentucky.  Three years later the funeral home was shut down and Dr. Boron was charged for the murder of 42 local residents. On the night of the incident Dr. Boron was nowhere to be found.  He’s still missing.  The old funeral home has been boarded and locked up until now… In the backwoods of Latonia, Kentucky lies an abandoned funhouse.  During the 1940’s the funhouse was a popular attraction, until it unexpectedly closed.  Come experience this 3D attraction. Afraid of the dark?  Not to worry, this attraction isn’t dark, its pitch black.  Navigate your way out of the haunted house in complete darkness.  What’s worse, what lurks in the dark, or your imagination?  ...

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