Ruby Falls Haunted Cavern 2013

Thadeus Krane his wasted his life and fortune working on ways to beat death, and despite his many failed experiments, he’s still trying.  He’s even enlisted the help of his “failed” experiments, or “Defex”, to lure live specimens to “The Pit” to await their chance to help him in his quest.  Now it’s your turn to join the experiment as you descend 26 stories underground, where NO ONE can hear you scream!

The Ruby Falls Haunted Cavern located in Chattanooga Tennessee is one of the most interesting haunted attractions you’ll come across.  You’ll actually head 260 feet below ground into Lookout Mountain and enter Thadeus Krane’s twisted world.  If you can survive the infected survivors of Krane’s experimentation while you’re in “The Pit”, you’ll be transported back to the surface for decontamination.  This is an intense haunt that starts the minute you get there, with actors roaming the parking lots to set the right tone.  And because it takes place both above and below ground it’s one of only a few haunts that can actually boast an experience in the “underworld”.