Realistic Compound Fracture

If you would have ever told me that I could make three straws look like a bone I would have been skeptical to say the least, but the instructable that chany1964 created on how to Make a Realistic Compound Fracture does just that!  If you’ve got even a tiny bit of skill with makeup you’re going to find this one a breeze and even if you don’t, you’re still going to love this effect.

The effect started by using some spirit gum to stick 3 small straws (2 to 3″) together in a pyramid shape.

realistic-compound-fracture-b1 realistic-compound-fracture-b2

The straws were then wrapped in a premade sheet of dried liquid latex that was sealed around them.  The end of the straws was cut and filled with a little Nose and Scar wax to make it look a little rough and then coated with some red and brown makeup.


With the bone complete the next step was to create the wound, which started by applying  some spirit gum to the area.  Some Nose and Scar wax was then applied in the same area as well as in the center.  The edges of the outer circle were then pressed down using a makeup spatula to create a more naturally blended flesh wound.

The bone was then placed in the center and some additional Nose and Scar wax applied to the top of it and blended down.

realistic-compound-fracture-b4 realistic-compound-fracture-b5

A Q-tip coated with some spirit gum remover was then gently rubbed over the Nose and Scar Wax to clean up excess marks in the wax and blend it into the skin.  Some liquid latex was then applied over the wax and the lower portion of the bone to help seal it.

With the compound fracture created and dried some makeup was added to make the wound look a little more gruesome.


The bone was actually lifted up a bit and some thick blood added underneath it to create the look of a fresh scab while additional blood was added on top as well.

This effect looks fantastic and I still can’t get over the fact that the bone is made of straws!


Items needed to complete this include:

  • Three white Straws
  • Liquid Latex
  • Nose and Scar Wax
  • Latex Skin
  • Spirit Gum
  • Spirit Gum Remover
  • Thick Blood
  • Stage Blood
  • Bruise or Trauma Stack makeup kit