Night Terrors at Wiard’s Orchards 2013

Night Terrors at Wiard’s Orchards boasts of being the “Grandaddy of Gore since 1984”, and with 89 acres of terror that very well may be the case!  Located in Ypsilanti Township, Michigan Night Terrors offers six unique haunted attractions and over 115 live monsters.

night-terrors-at-wiards-orchards-2013-b1 night-terrors-at-wiards-orchards-2013-b2 night-terrors-at-wiards-orchards-2013-b3
  • The Ultimate Haunted Barn℠:  Within these walls are the remains of the legend of Wiard’s Apple Thieves.  The thieves never escaped their fate…will you?
  • The Asylum℠:  Enter the Wiard’s Asylum, founded by the late Dr. Jeremiah Wiard whose  intense contact with patients took its toll and his grip on reality slipped.
  • The Labyrinth℠:  Get lost in the twists and turns of this booby trapped maze built by one of the orchard’s farmhands.
  • Alien Caged Clowns℠:  Discovered in a South American cave these “Alien Clown” creatures were too bizarre and strange to be destroyed.
  • The Mined Shaft℠:  This abandoned mine shaft houses the last crew that tried to find it’s lost fortunes.
  • Hayride of the Lost℠:  Enjoy the same torch lit wagon ride that old Pete Sloakam used to take through the orchards.  Just be careful you don’t meet the same fate as Pete.
night-terrors-at-wiards-orchards-2013-b4 night-terrors-at-wiards-orchards-2013b5 night-terrors-at-wiards-orchards-2013-b6