Mystic Lord Horns

A good pair of horns is hard to find.  Actually, I hardly ever just “find” horns laying around so it’s pretty much up to me to buy a pair, or make a pair.  If you’ve ever seen the horns that you can buy at the store then you probably already understand that this is not an option.  Luckily, houseofdarkly understands this all too well and has provided a really great looking method for making homemade horns.

The process involves using aluminum sculpture wire to create the frame for the horns and then adding some finer aluminum and light-gauge hardware wire to create the basic shape.


A layer of tape was then wrapped around the horns and a base coat of paper mache added.

mystic-lord-horns-b2 mystic-lord-horns-b3

If ridges are needed on the horns some nylon rope can be lightly wrapped and glued to the base layer of paper mache.  Once the base layer of paper mache was complete the entire horn was coated with Magic Smooth, which is a two-part epoxy that, when dry, creates a very hard surface.


Once the Magic Smooth dried, houseofdarkly sanded them and applied a base coat of  matte black paint, followed by some gold and red paint and then sealed them.


The horns look extraordinarily lifelike and I can’t imagine they weigh that much so they should be able to go just about anywhere you desire.


Items needed to complete this include:

  • Aluminum sculpting wire
  • Light gauge aluminum wire
  • Tape
  • Paper mache
  • Magic Smooth epoxy paste
  • Paint