Making a Medieval Cauldron

Five years ago CreepChrisS took the medieval cauldron prop build as seen on Woody Carr’s ScareFX site and won the Mad Lab’s September 2007 contest with it!  His prize?  A foam tombstone of course, but in doing so he’s left us all a prize in a clear and concise tutorial on how to build this fine looking cauldron.


Before you do anything you’ll want to find a spare 55 gallon plastic drum, which can be tricky, but if you don’t have access to one you can always find a water storage barrel at a hardware store that will fit the bill.  You’ll need to start by cutting approximately 1/4 off the top.  Next you’re going to spray paint the entire barrel with your black spray paint and then add the pool noodle, sill foam, and styrofoam balls.


After painting the styrofoam pieces with the black acrylic paint you’ll need to drybrush the entire cauldron with the grey and brown acrylic paints to give it some character.  If you really want to make it look good, you’ll go ahead and add some Hot Burning Coals underneath it.


Items needed to complete this include:

  • 55 gallon plastic drum
  • Pool noodle
  • Flat black spray paint
  • Sill foam
  • Styrofoam balls
  • Black acrylic paint
  • Grey acrylic paint
  • Brown acrylic paint