How To Make Zombies Out of Junk

As the title indicates, this instructable will help you solve the age old question of How To Make Zombies Out of Junk.  Well, maybe not junk, but materials that you may already have laying around your house (or in your garbage can).  I have to hand it to garnoft, this one of the most creative uses of junk I can think of.

The frame of this prop starts off with the typical PVC skeleton attached to a couple of pieces of scrap 1 x 4 wood, and that’s pretty much when garnoft dumped the garbage bin on the kitchen floor.


The ribcage is crafted using hanger wire covered in Mountain Dew box wrapped with electrical tape.


The thighs are created with old McDonald’s cups with wooden kabob skewers to create the look of tendons.  Cardboard tubes from pants hangers are used to create the arm bones and then wrapped with electrical tape.  Wherever a little extra girth or definition was needed garnoft rolled up some paper and covered it with electrical tape.


The ribs had some tissue paper rolled up and then wrapped in white paper towels to create a round rib (non-Mountain Dewish) appearance.

Great Stuff was then sprayed generously to fill in the gaps and create rotting muscles and intestines.  A paper mache skull and feet cap off both ends of this ultimate “green” zombie.


I have to admit, the finished product looks amazing, and I would guess the total cost to be around $5 to $10.





Items needed to complete this include:

  • Paper mache skull
  • Paper mache feet
  • PVC
  • Great Stuff
  • Coat hangers
  • Tissue
  • Spray paint
  • Miscellaneous junk