Forest of Fright 2013

“Rumor has been told that, when night falls the terror begins and that you can actually hear the voice of Kari in the Forest.”

Welcome to the Forest of Fright, a must see haunted trail located in Philo, Ohio. Set in the middle of a 45 acre wooded farm, this haunted trail is just under a mile long and features approximately 14 separate scenes set in individual buildings. A mixture of animatronic props and live actors help to enhance an already creepy atmosphere within these woods. The remote nature of this location is incredible, you could not ask for a more isolated locale. As you make your way through the woods you’ll get to walk in Kari’s playhouse, checkout the Butcher Shack, see what awaits you in the Asylum on the hillside, and take a ride in the Hellevator. There’s also an incredibly dark, foggy maze waiting within the woods for guests to find their way out of. If you make it back alive, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy some music and hot cocoa at the bonfire, but that’s a mighty big “if” at the Forest of Fright.