Casting Pirate Doubloons

If your planning on a pirate theme for any section of your haunt you’ll probably have the need for some pirate booty.  And since I’m talking about treasure here, the tutorial that IMU posted over at the HalloweenForum about Casting your own Pirate Doubloons is the perfect solution.

You’ll need at least 1 doubloon to create your mold, just press it into some Super Sculpey (or other molding material) to create the mold.


Mix your casting resin and pour some into the mold.  You can add an oil based paint to the casting resin to save yourself the trouble of painting a base coat on the doubloons after they’re done.

casting-pirate-doubloons-b2 casting-pirate-doubloons-b3

Once the doubloons have cured just pop them out and coat them with some metallic wax to make the details of the coin show.  You can seal them to prevent the metallic wax from rubbing off when handling them.


The doubloons that IMU crafted look great and as long as you’ve got the time, the resin, and a at least 1 master doubloon, you can make enough coins to fill a treasure chest.





Items needed to complete this:

  • Master Doubloon
  • Super Sculpey
  • Casting resin
  • Casting catalyst
  • Black oil based paint
  • Metallic wax finish